• Edgar Harvat, Procter and Gamble

  • Samantha Lawson, Procter and Gamble

  • Sakshi Chhabra, Pfizer

Winner of the first Horizon Award was Sakshi Chabra, Pfizer

Diving straight into regulatory affairs after completing her degree in Biotechnology, Sakshi joined Pfizer in 2008 as a regulatory affairs Intern and since then, has successfully moved up the ladder, becoming an associate and now a regulatory affairs executive within the department.

Her proposer said: ‘Sakshi has been a great asset to the department. Her passion for success in regulatory has led her to gain an extensive experience in managing the lifecycle of a product. An active member and leader of various working parties within Pfizer, Sakshi managed to broaden her horizons and contribute fresh ideas. A winner of an award to improve work efficiency in the department, Sakshi is flexible, friendly, and has strong communication skills, a package that makes her work well with all kinds of people from within and outside of the business.'



  • RRG Consultancy

  • DLRC

  • Pharmalink Consultancy

  • Octagon Research Solutions, USA

The winner of the first Support Award was the RRG Consultancy team

The nomination made by Baxter Healthcare stated that they and Regulatory Resources Group have been working successfully together since 2000. RRG has offered practical regulatory solutions, often in response to multifaceted and challenging regulatory situations. Together they have worked on 45 different products and approximately 100 projects. RRG has also trained over 100 members of the Baxter Healthcare staff in regulatory affairs. The judges were impressed by the quality and longevity of the service provided.



  • Ivan Fisher (Pharmalink)

  • Linda Woods (UKr)

  • Jonathan Trethowan (TRAC Services)

  • Michelle Gafa, Actavis, Malta

The winner of the first Inspiration Award was Jonathan Trethowan

The judges commented that Jonathan had ‘impressive achievements in leadership, team-building and training’, ‘he inspires a passion for regulation in young scientists ‘and ‘he has demonstrated courage, taken risks, tasted success and been recognised in his community, shares his experience and inspires colleagues to achieve their potential’.



  • University of Leeds

  • Farenta Oy, Finland

  • Pfizer Packaging Re-design team

  • Samarind RMS On-Demand 

  • PPD Results Development team

The winner of the first Innovation Award was Samarind. They were recognised for developing Samarind RMS – a robust software application that precisely manages the key areas of product licence acquisition and maintenance, including eCTD, in a user-friendly way.


The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award was John Purves

‘His influence on the evolution of biologic regulation over a 30 year career, both in the UK and internationally, cannot be under-estimated. His contribution in the emerging areas of advanced therapies has moved these areas forward for the benefit of public health. Most recently he showed an outstanding contribution to the preparation for pandemics. He has shown how high-end science is a vital component of modern regulation’.