Regulatory Rapporteur December 2021
Focus: TOPRA Annual Symposium 2021 - Revolution in Regulatory Affairs: How the pandemic is shaping regulatory science Plus: Pharmaceutical: Human Medicines Symposium Medical Devices: Medical Devices/IVDs Symposium Veterinary: Veterinary Medicines Symposium
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Regulatory Rapporteur December 2021MEMBERS
Innovation in drug-device combinationsMEMBERS
Practical implementation of the Union Product DatabaseMEMBERS
EU Implementation: Current StateMEMBERS
Regulatory progress in delivering on the promise of ATMPsMEMBERS
Scenarios to consider riskMEMBERS
Clinical investigations – Is coordinated CA assessment the future?MEMBERS
Digitalisation: How to bring paradise into regulatory workMEMBERS
Regulatory science – focus on biologicalsMEMBERS
Fireside chat with Emer Cooke: a review of current and future prioritiesMEMBERS
Reliance, worksharing and recognition as 21st century regulatory toolsMEMBERS
Acronyms and AbbreviationsMEMBERS
Encouraging specific investmentsMEMBERS
Real world evidence in regulatory decision-makingMEMBERS
MDR implementation – is there a future for legacy devices?MEMBERS
Enhancing dialogue to foster innovationMEMBERS
TOPRA Symposium 2021 Annual Lecture: Listening is only the first stepMEMBERS
How do I Implement IVDR? Some key practicalitiesMEMBERS
Clinical trials of the future – patient orientated and digitally connectedMEMBERS
Global development strategy, which market should you go to first?MEMBERS