Regulatory Rapporteur May 2021
Focus: OTC/Consumer products - Why regulatory flexibilities are needed in an evolving landscape for minor ailments and self-care Plus: • Rolling Reviews - How they effectively speed up the review process • EU Veterinary Regulations - Impact on medicines availability and AMR • Medical Technologies - Latest medical device/IVD standards update
Regulatory Rapporteur May 2021 - Full IssueMEMBERS
The impact of the new VMR on medicines availability, antimicrobials use and antimicrobial resistanceMEMBERS
Opinion: The evolving landscape of OTC products in the age of a pandemicMEMBERS
Green claims – creating a level playing fieldMEMBERS
Setting new standards for digital OTC advertisements – the Green Box initiativeMEMBERS
Interview: Global Self-Care Federation's Judy StenmarkMEMBERS
Medical device standards updateMEMBERS
Rolling reviews: a useful tool to speed up the regulatory review processMEMBERS
An overview of European regulation of non-prescription medicinesMEMBERS
Editorial: Building the OTC arsenal to improve self-care PUBLIC