Regulatory Rapporteur July-August 2020
Focus: Looking after special populations Plus: • Virtual clinical trials: Ensuring continuity of research during a pandemic • ICH Q12: Benefits and challenges with this enhanced framework • Veterinary medicine: CMDv pilot part II harmonisation project
Regulatory Rapporteur July/August 2020MEMBERS
An overview of the CMDv’s pilot part II harmonisation projectMEMBERS
Managing the supply of unlicensed medicines to patients in the UKMEMBERS
ICH Q12: how it impacts the management of your CMC post-approval changesMEMBERS
Considerations for virtualising clinical trials in the midst of COVID-19MEMBERS
Getting effective medicines to children in a timely manner - an interview with Koen Norga of EMA's Paediatric CommitteeMEMBERS
Caring for older patients with cancer - an interview with Hans Wildiers of EMA's Geriatric Expert Group PUBLIC
Editorial: Special populations - because one size doesn't fit all PUBLIC
COVID-19 and the regulatory considerations for vaccine development PUBLIC