Careers coaching

In partnership with TOPRA, Four Pillars is pleased to offer a free 30-minute career coaching session to TOPRA members.

Whether you are looking for your first Regulatory Affairs position or at a careers crossroads we can offer you professional support to provide an objective review of your CV and interviewing skills and work together to build your career plan. For the serious career builder, you will come away from session with the renewed confidence and determination that comes with knowing who and where you are, that all those nagging questions have been answered, and that you can now look to the future with your own unique, pragmatic plan of action.

Examples of how coaching has worked:

Graduates looking for an entry to Regulatory Affairs

When coaching an ambitious science graduate keen to get his first break into Regulatory Affairs we took a critical review of his CV. He had underplayed the work experience gained throughout his studies. He had various part-time jobs including data entry (accuracy); waiting tables in a 200 seat restaurant (team work) and events management experience (projects and people skills). After interview practice he was advised to research Regulatory Affairs by looking at the TOPRA website, taking out student membership, explore the MHRA website for how drugs are licensed and to learn keywords and terms. He was offered a Regulatory Affairs Officer role at a competitive salary with a blue-chip company 8 weeks post graduation. One session of 1.5 hours.

First step to management

Working with a Senior Regulatory Affairs Officer of 3 years’ experience she set the objective to be confident and ready to apply for the next available management position. We explored the people skills already evident through managing projects and set objectives which included personal study of leadership models; discussions on communication and problem solving techniques; issues and evidence on how her personal brand was viewed in the organisation and an overall skills audit of technical gaps to qualify for the next role. Results after 3 sessions included a more confident outlook, enjoyment of day to day interactions with all levels of colleagues and she has been identified as ready for promotion. Three sessions 1.5 hours.

Building a Team

Working with a manager after an internal restructure and a new team of 5 was a challenge for 4 meetings. We discussed two models of team development, and how the manager would behave to help the team work through the development stages to really working together. We worked on preparing and managing meetings, also ensuring that all team members had the chance to contribute. Much discussion centred on encouraging but containing healthy conflict and arriving at solutions that motivated the whole team. The result gave the manager an effective team in a pressured environment more quickly than expected. Four meetings of 1.5 hours.

Redundant due to site relocation or company restructure

Remember firstly that the role is redundant, not you the person. This is a good opportunity to review your career to date and build a plan that enables you to get what you want, rather than accepting what is on offer. You may decide to take the interim route for a while, in order to experience more than one company before making the decision to go back to a permanent position. We can help you to get started and advise how to market your skills. Perhaps you want to take this opportunity to change direction, will this involve a temporary salary drop, or what ways can you change direction whilst maintaining current standard of living. This is a vital time for a reassessment and we have a host of tools to help you reflect, evaluate and plan next steps. You may just want a conversation and a boost of confidence. The conversations we have had in this area are as diverse as each individual.

What do I do now?

We promise you an honest assessment with no obligation.