FAQs – TOPRA and the EU Referendum Result

How will this vote affect TOPRA?

The vote will not affect TOPRA’s mission to represent and promote the global healthcare regulatory profession; and to provide members with top-quality, relevant support with a European focus.

It will not affect our services to members wherever they are based.

It will not affect our internationally recognised qualifications that ensure that regulatory professionals are able to work in global headquarters and local affiliates alike.

It will not affect our ability to provide a neutral forum in which all healthcare regulatory professionals and stakeholders can come together to discuss relevant topics.

TOPRA looks forward to supporting its members through this period of change.

Will TOPRA have to move from UK?

There are no plans to move TOPRA from the UK.

What will happen to the regulatory system?

TOPRA will be an ideal platform for regulatory professionals to input into any proposed developments to the regulatory system. We will ensure that any implications of the recent UK vote to leave the EU on the regulation of medicines and medical devices will be part of its information and training services to members and the wider regulatory community.

How will TOPRA operate if EMA moves from London?

TOPRA is an organisation that brings together regulatory professionals in all healthcare sectors from across Europe and the world. We will continue to offer courses and conferences that enable all regulatory professionals to remain up to date and equipped to perform their roles to the highest standards.

In this way we will continue to provide our members and stakeholders, wherever they are based, with top-quality, relevant support with a European focus.

Why should I choose a TOPRA MSc?

The MSc programme carries the TOPRA brand which is recognised globally throughout the regulatory affairs profession and it is validated by a respected UK university according to the harmonised European standards. Our MSc is a top quality masters programme with more flexibility than most other masters programmes in regulatory affairs allowing you to choose what are the most important topics for you.

Our programme includes and a range of speakers from regulatory agencies and industry. We are also planning to introduce a range of options on medical technology. Many of our alumni have been promoted after completing the MSc.

Will my MSc still have value?

UK universities are well respected globally and our degree will continue to be recognised across Europe and beyond. Our student cohort has always included regulatory professionals from multinational companies across the world, including USA, Africa, Israel, etc. The degree is not only validated by a university it also carries the TOPRA brand which is recognised throughout regulatory affairs.

TOPRA will continue to be a European focused organisation and we will continue to use speakers from the UK and Europe as well as from various European agencies, including the MHRA.