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MHRA update to pharmaceutical companies on [EU] exit preparations 16 January 2018

MHRA and making a success of Brexit 11 August 2017

European Medicines Agency

Regulatory guidance for pharmaceutical companies to prepare for UK’s withdrawal from EU 1 December 2017

Procedural guidance to help pharma companies prepare for Brexit 28 November 2017

EMA’s Business Continuity Plan for Brexit published 16 October 2017

Regulatory guidance for industry to prepare for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU 31 May 2017

EMA’s procedures and work streams continue as usual 6 July 2016


Associations representing the European and British life science industry launch joint policy document on the potential impact of UK’s exit from European Union 14 December 2017

Europe’s life science industry urges the UK and EU27 to safeguard patients’ access to medicines with a clear transition period and a future cooperation agreement after Brexit 28 November 2017

EFPIA survey underlines importance of action on medicines to prevent patients being put at risk as a result of Brexit 9 November 2017

EFPIA underscores the importance of ensuring that the patient is at the centre of all subsequent decisions 30 June 2016


Preparing for Brexit: ABPI’s reaction to MHRA update for pharma 16 January 2018

Science Council

Scientists can still keep the faith 24 June 2016

Brexit Health Alliance

Brexit and the impact on patient access to medicines and medical technologies 29 Jan 2018